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It can be difficult to imagine how your loved ones will be provided for when you become unable to do so yourself. Thinking about how your children, spouse or other family members will be supported after your death can be unpleasant and intimidating, and requires careful consideration of what your loved ones will want and need during their time of grief.

A comprehensive estate plan is among the most important mechanisms Texans have at their disposal for securing peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones as they consider the future. It is also an essential means of securing your legacy, and ensuring your loved ones can benefit from your lifetime of hard work long after your passing. At The Hetherington Law Firmattorney G. Riley Hetherington III brings some five decades of legal experience to complicated Texas estate planning considerations. He can help you understand what estate planning tools are available to you, and what combination of those tools can maximize the value of the simple or complicated assets you wish to pass on to your heirs.

Effectively Utilizing A Full Range Of Estate Planning Tools

Estate planning frequently involves more than the drafting of a simple will or trust. When you have complex assets, such as business holdings or commercial properties, that you wish to pass on to your heirs, it is important that you use the proper estate planning tools to ensure these assets are transferred smoothly, in a way that minimizes their tax exposure.

Estate planning also includes making decisions that legally dictate how you will be cared for if you become incapacitated and can no longer articulate your wishes for your course of medical treatment. Establishing these elements of your estate plan can provide clarity and confidence for your loved ones if you should face sudden illness or injury.

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It is important to note that even well-crafted estate plans can face challenges from dissatisfied heirs, family members or business associates. The Hetherington Law Firm also provides skilled, forceful representation for clients pursuing or fending off will and trust litigation.

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You want confidence as you consider the future of your health, legacy and loved ones. Turn to the extensive experience and clear guidance offered by G. Riley Hetherington III. To schedule your consultation with an estate planning attorney who has served Houston since 1974, call 832-529-2991, or contact the firm online.

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