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Precise Guidance Through Probate And Estate Litigation

After a loved one has passed away, it can be difficult to know where to begin the process of enacting their final wishes and distributing their assets. At The Hetherington Law Firm, our attorney guides families in and beyond Houston through Texas probate and the administration of Texas estates.

G. Riley Hetherington III has practiced law in Texas since 1974. Clients turn to Mr. Hetherington for firm, knowledgeable direction through estate administration, and can rest assured that their loved one’s legacy is in competent hands during their time of grief.

How Does Texas Probate Work?

Probate is the process through which Texas courts inventory and assess the value of a deceased person’s property, and then distribute that property to the deceased person’s beneficiaries. These distributions are dictated by the deceased person’s will, or by the laws of intestacy if there is no valid will.

All property that is not passed from a deceased person to their beneficiaries through a trust, joint ownership, or direct payments must go through Texas probate. Probate is a strict process, requiring the observance of legally-binding procedures, and involving a wide range of complex terminologies and court filings. An experienced Texas probate lawyer can help you:

  • File for probate in the correct probate court
  • Validate the deceased person’s will before a probate court
  • Act as the administrator of the deceased person’s will, or advise you if you have been named as the executor of the will
  • Catalogue the deceased person’s property, and submit that catalogue to the probate court
  • Identify the deceased person’s beneficiaries and creditors, and resolve any disputes that may arise
  • Distribute the deceased person’s assets

The Hetherington Law Firm’s support and precision through Texas probate can provide your family with clarity and peace of mind as you adjust to your loved one’s passing.

Estate Administration And Litigation

In addition to guiding clients through Texas probate, The Hetherington Law Firm can represent you through the administration of your will or trust. When beneficiaries of a will or trust contest its validity, attorney Hetherington is also available to represent them in litigation challenging how assets are distributed.

Mr. Hetherington’s practice focuses on issues concerning contested wills, trusts and transfers effective during lifetime or at date of death that touch heirs, devisees, transferees, family members and business associates. The Hetherington Law Firm can be relied upon for:

  • Fact gathering, budgeting and assessment of available courses of action
  • Assessment of available forums, both judicial and non-judicial, including mediation and arbitration
  • Review and research of applicable claims and defenses, and legal theories to support actions to be taken
  • Participation in mediation and judicial proceedings
  • Implementation of litigation strategies through the discovery process and ultimate trial of the matter
  • Successful defense, and assertion of probate claims in will contests
  • Contested Heirship proceedings
  • Accounting issues concerning trust or estate administration
  • Breach of fiduciary claims against executors, administrators and trustees, including removal of the personal representative estate or trustee

When your legacy, or the legacy of your loved one, is at stake, turn to the experienced and assertive estate litigation services offered by The Hetherington Law Firm.

Rely On Experienced Probate And Estate Litigation Counsel

Attorney G. Riley Hetherington III has served Houston for his entire professional career – and he is ready to serve you through your probate, estate administration or estate litigation matter. To schedule your consultation with The Hetherington Law Firm, call 832-529-2991 or contact the firm online.